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Supporting Big Data research in Azerbaijan

Huge amounts of information are gathered every day about things as diverse as climate change and earthquakes. As our ability to collect information advances, the amount, complexity and speed of data generated also increases. The continuing growth of data creates difficulties for researchers in data storage, management and analysis. For that reason, ‘Big Data’ has become one of the current and future research frontiers.

In Azerbaijan, e-governance is the current focus of Big Data work by Ramiz Aliguliyev, who is a head of department at the Institute of Information Technology (IIT) and Corresponding Member of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences (ANAS). He explains how he deals with challenges he has faced with the support of the EU-funded EaPConnect project, the GÉANT pan-European network, and the Azerbaijanian research and education network AzScienceNet.

Submitted by Laura Durnford

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