"Every 18 months we double the amount of data we produce. Industrial and commercial data, 85% of which is never used. This is not sustainable. Within those data, there are hidden treasures and untapped opportunities for business and society." EC President Ursula von der Leyen, Davos, January 2020.

This is why Europe is creating the European Open Science Cloud. It is a trusted space for researchers to store their data and to access data from researchers from all other disciplines. Every researcher will be able to better use not only their own data, but also those of others. They will thus come to new insights, new findings and new solutions.


GÉANT is collaborating with other European e-Infrastructures to develop a common approach towards the EOSC, and is a signatory to the joint e- Infrastructures statement on the European Open Science Cloud, which details eight elements for the success of the EOSC: that it be open, publicly funded and governed, research-centric, comprehensive, diverse and distributed, interoperable, service-oriented and social.

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